Opening Reception 

Future artifacts, refreshments, and performances.

OCTOBER 26, 12-1PM
Raid the Icebox: Curation as a critical art practice 

Join Sarah Ganz Blythe (Deputy Director of Exhibitions, Education, and Programs) and Dominic Molon (Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art) for a conversation about Andy Warhol’s Raid the Icebox.

NOVEMBER 2, 12 – 1pm
Soup first, then Liberation

Soup first, then Liberation is a performance by Dove Drury Hornbuckle that addresses presence, nourishment, and collective space. Participants are first served soup and are then guided through a series of poetic prompts that welcome open dialogue and respectful debate.

Literary Reading

An afternoon of literary readings by poets and fiction writers from Brown University’s Literary Arts Program. Readers include Carolyn Bergonzo, Shayla Lawz, Alex Toy, and Emma Wipperman.

More events to come